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Diaries, notebooks and calendars directly from the manufacturer, GRASPO CZ, a.s. printing house

GRASPO CZ, a.s. has focused on production of diaries, notebooks and calendars since 2006. Along this period, our products have earned reputation for quality, style and elaborate products. Each collection introduces new trends, designs and details that will surely attract our clientele.

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Your advantages:

1. Quality

We produce diaries, notebooks and calendars using the whole background and experience gained during all these years in our printing house. We guarantee the high quality of materials and quality control throughout the entire manufacturing process.

2. Excellent service

The friendly team of our publishing house is ready to answer your questions, give advice or propose a solution to your individual wishes.

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3. We are always one step ahead

We are truly glad you are demanding and looking for the superior quality offered in our diaries, notebooks and calendars. Every collection brings new ideas, processing methods and sophisticated details, differentiating our products from those of the competition. We are already thinking about how to surprise you in the next year.

4. Promotional potential of diaries, notebooks and calendars

All our diaries, notebooks and calendars are ideal for the placement of your logo or other advertising elements you may want to use. For more information about promotional options, see our section Branding Options.

5. Custom-made production

Our offer is broad. However, if you are looking for a colour that is not listed in our catalogue or you are looking for another type of diary, notebook or calendar, we are ready to work on it, whether by adding your required colour type or by inserting pictures and many other elements on the products mentioned above.

Visit our section Custom-made production