CUstom-made Diaries And notebooks 2022

Diaries made to order are a representative object and a present at the same time. Address the manufacturer - us - directly and we will be happy to help you.


You need not ponder upon what your original diary should look like. You can leave complete processing including graphic design on us.

  • We possess several years of experience in graphical designs of diaries, notebooks and calendars.
  • Our team of experienced designers, graphic artists and creative artists will work for you.
  • We utilise the background and know-how of the whole printing house.
  • Every year we produce diaries, calendars or notebooks for renowned brands such as Škoda Auto, Oriflame, Česká spořitelna, Třinecké železárny, Agel, Zapa and many others. 


If you have your own idea or ready graphic design do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to consult manufacturing options with you and prepare a quote for you.

When designing your diary/notebook please consider the following:

 Diary format
Diaries and Agendas
  • Standard format offer - on stock
  • Daily/weekly B6, format: 120 x 163 mm
  • Daily/weekly A5, format: 148 x 210 mm
  • Weekly President, format: 210 x 260 mm
  • Weekly pocket, format: 90 x 150 mm
  • Weekly B5, format: 165 x 240 mm
  • Tailored format (according to your specification)  
  • We will provide an exclusive design to you
  • We will adapt the colours for you
  • Variants daily B6, A5; weekly President, B5, A5 or Pocket
  • Tailored to you needs
Finger cuts
  • Cuts of different shapes (square, rounded...)
  • For better orientation in the diary
Colour edges
Diaries and Agendas with colour edge
  • Red, gold, silver or other colours will increase exclusivity of your diary
Cover variants
Diaries and Agendas with flexocover
  • Standard variant (cardboard + top coat)
  • Sandwich
  • Flexible cover
  • Leather, artificial leather, canvas, cork, linen, laminated cover with printed motif, combinations of different materials and motives, unusual shapes of cuts in cover, various combinations of materials, cuts etc.
  • A broad range of colour threads, embroidered patterns
  • Stitching may form interesting effects on the cover
Diaries and Agendas with embossing
  • Blind embossing, debossing, embossing and debossing with colour foil, tampon print, silkscreen print
Corner metal lining
  • For increased resistance of the diary to wear, representative appearance
Colour variants of capitals
  • Harmonising with the diary cover or bookmark, two-colour capitals

Utilisation of promotional potential of notebook/Diary

Cover with individual graphics
Diaries and agendas
  • Print + lamination: We will make cover according to your wish - in different colours, with pictures, logo etc.
  • Mintage across the whole cover
  • Combinations of different corporate colours etc.
Logo on cover
  • Embossing and debossing of various shapes (logos, texts, symbols)
Individual notepad

  • Logo on each sheet, products, mottos etc.
  • We will provide graphic processing of the diary to correspond to your idea or corporate identity, we will perfectly harmonise the cover and the notepad, we can change the colours of the standard calendarium according to your wish
Advertisement Bookmarks (Tassels)
Diaries and Notebooks
  • Single-colour bookmarks, selection from more colours
  • Possible embroidering/printing of an advertising text, the name or logo of your company
  • Insertion of one or two advertisement bookmarks
Advertising flyleaf
  • For publicity of your company or product
  • We will prepare a graphic design of your advertising flyleaf or use data supplied by you
Advertisement pages
  • We will design and print graphics of the advertisement pages
  • We will print advertisement pages according to design supplied by you
  • We will glue the advertisement pages to the required places in the diary

Additional options

Colour elastic band to hold the diary together
Diaries and Notebooks with elastic band
  • Practical fixation of the cover from unwanted opening, youthful appearance
Diaries with closing
  • Practical and elegant accessory to the diary cover
  • Prevents opening of the diary
Round corners
Agendas and Diaries with round corners
  • Cover and notepad corner rounding
Use of graphic paper
  • Original endpaper, advertisement pages, inserts, a wide selection of graphic paper
Business card pockets
  • Paper or plastic pockets glued on the inside cover for business card placement, CD holding etc.
Diary boxes
  • Use our diary as a present for your customers
  • We offer gift boxes with your company logo

Any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer and design the optimum solution directly for your company.


Phone: 420 577 606 231