Custom-made calendars 2022

You probably hang an annual planner on the wall in your office or place one on your desk to help organize your work, working meetings or your summer leave. You check this planner at least once a day to see what is ahead of you. Let us assume that your customers do the same. Use the planner for presentation of your company or products you offer.



Consider what type of calendar you prefer
  • Wall-mounted
  • Table
  • Map format
  • Pictures
  • No Pictures
Calendar format and shape
    • Various formats, including individually customized formats to order
    • Various shapes of calendars: using an interesting section may achieve a unique appearance
      Title page with interesting graphic pattern or photo
      • Title page of a calendar compares to book or magazine envelope
      • The title page should grasp the theme of the calendar or your company
      • You can use photos, pictures or graphic elements
      • There are also various available effects: partial UV paint, sections, lamination etc.
      • The appearance of the calendarium depends on the function of the calendar, if the calendar is just an accessory the calendarium may be smaller - only informative
      • Larger calendarium allows for planning, noting down meetings etc.
      Photos or pictures
      • The calendar may incorporate your photos/pictures of products, employees or corporate image
      • Photos from our photo bank may also be used depending on the theme
      Partial UV paint
      • For increased exclusiveness of the calendar
      • For emphasizing your logo, slogan, part of a picture or photograph
      • Usable on the calendar title page, in the notepad or on the stand
      Book binding
      • Spiral
      • Twin wire
      • V1
      Bag or box for calendar
      • We will print your logo on the PE bag where the calendar is inserted
      • You can choose from transparent or black variant
      • The calendar may also be placed in a box with your logo or promotional print

      Any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer and design the optimum solution directly for your company.

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