About notebooks

Who does not need a notebook? Notebook is your assistant - reminds you of any tasks such as meetings, events and ideas, among others. Many people draw in their notebooks - whether diagrams and schemes or just for fun. Choose the most convenient notebook for you. Our offer is really broad.


Do you want to be in and trendy?
Get a notebook in the same design as your diary. Or buy a style and quality notebook instead of the diary. The choice is as broad as in the diary collections.

As we offer notebooks and diaries in the same cover design, you can create a practical and stylish set. The set will become your attractive and representative companion for your everyday business meetings.
Notebooks in the diary design are available in A4, A5 or pocket formats. You can choose from lines and squares.


In the section of standard notebooks you will find notepads in different colours, embodiments and formats.
One of the most popular type is Saturn notebook in three colour versions complemented with elastic band closing and a practical paper pocket.

All notebooks use paper with FSC certification.

custom-made notebooks

Notebooks tailored to customer needs – 'turnkey' production to order

  • No limits are placed on your imagination (the only limit being technological limits of manufacture)
  • You can have individual cover incl. inside pages  (from 500 pieces up)
  • You can place your design with us or we will produce your notebook according to your design
  • Delivery time 6-8 weeks

More about notebooks to order


Nearly all our notebooks are suitable for logo display on the cover or other parts oft he notebook. The advertising potential of notebooks, like of diaries, is broad.

See the branding options